How we treat your data

How we treat your data

Your data is safe with us. We have over 20 years experience running servers. We know how to keep servers safe. Our hosting is done through Hetzner, a company with excellent reputation for rock-solid engineering.

Google token

Rankshaper works by fetching data from Google Webmaster’s API. In order to read your data we need your permission that you grant us by accessing your Rankshaper account. Please note:

  • This permission comes in the form of a token.
  • The token is only valid for a limited time.
  • It can only be used to read data from Google Webmaster.

This token can’t change anything to your data. It can’t read any other data that you have stored with Google, except for your data associated with your webmaster account.

If you have multiple properties in your webmaster account, you could also create another Google account with read access to only those properties you would like to use Rankshaper for. For this you can add a “restricted user account”, please find more information about this at Google Search Console Help.

Keyword data

The keyword data is only stored for 12 hours in memcache. We will keep this as we don’t have unlimited queries with Google. Only system administrators have theoretical access to this data. But we don’t (and won’t) show your keyword data in our Backend.

If however there is demand for this we can also wipe the keyword data in memcache when logging out.


  • We do not store your data for more than 12 hours. If there is demand we can also wipe your keyword data upon logging out.
  • In order to use our app, you must give us permission to read your webmaster data from your Google Webmaster Account.
  • This data is then retrieved by us in read-only manner and stored for a maximum of 12 hours.
  • If you have multiple properties in your webmaster account and only want to use 1, you can add another google account and use this account as your Rankshaper account.

Please contact us for any questions you may have about this issue.


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Rankshaper is a real-time, on page SEO ranking tool and keyword discovery tool. It helps you identify new ranking opportunities and gain access to new niche markets. Add the search terms your visitors are using to find you and discover new terms and new combinations, while tracking performance.