Keyword Discovery Tool Rankshaper

Keyword Discovery Tool Rankshaper

Rankshaper is a keyword discovery tool like no other. It is a keyword tool that scrapes your existing content and compares it with private search data available about your website. It is the best of two worlds: it directly lets you know which opportunities you have. Results are fast.

Having the best keyword discovery tool is important in getting a website that ranks high. Rankshaper provides you with data related to what your visitors are searching for. With the help of the SEO keyword discovery tool, Rankshaper, you can edit existing content and create additional content based on your visitors’ queries.


Rankshaper is the best SEO keyword discover tool in the market if you are looking for direct results and on page optimization of your content. The tool interacts with all of your verified web pages and search engines to help you find out which pages can be further optimized and what new opportunities are on the horizon. The tool is simple to use and straightforward.

How does it work? Rankshaper provides you with the queries that your visitors are using to land on your pages. It gets this data from Google Search Console.

  • This way, you get keywords that you can integrate into your pages to get discovered more.
  • Besides, using the queries, you can know what additional information currently not in your pages that you can add.

Once Rankshaper discovers new keywords, all you need to do is to integrate them into your web pages. This should not be confused with keyword stuffing. Instead, you should compare your content with the keywords provided in a worksheet and naturally integrate them by adjusting your content. Within a short period, your pages will start to rank for those keywords.

Benefits of Using Rankshaper

  • Helps you with on-page SEO
  • Helps you to optimize your content
  • Enables you to discover new keywords
  • Informs you which keywords you rank for
  • Provides you with the number of impressions and clicks for your pages
  • Provides you with CTR data

When to Start Using Rankshaper

You can start using the keyword discovery tool Rankshaper if your website is new or when your web pages are not ranking. Additionally, you may need to use Rankshaper whenever you have a new page.

The reason why it is crucial to use Rankshaper is that; Google will give you a chance to rank on the first page for some keywords for some time. However, the page can go down if no one clicks them. As such, integrating queries in your content will help you provide the visitors with the information they are searching for. As such, you will have many visitors clicking your pages, ensuring that you remain top on rank for long. You will also get new organic visitors to your site.

How Keyword Discovery Tool Rankshaper Works

Keyword discovery tool Rankshaper receives data directly from Google. Whenever a visitor searches for new information related to your content, Rankshaper will immediately receive the query. It will then compare the query with the content in your pages.

It will then highlight how many times the keyword appears in your content. It will highlight the location of the keywords like whether they are located within the title, heading, meta-description, or in the body. This way, it helps you to decide how you can optimize your content.

If the keywords are available in your content, you can rank higher, unlike when they are not present. Also, you can decide whether to compare your content with the keywords provided manually.

In Conclusion

  • Rankshaper provides more useful information compared to Google Search Console.
  • Unlike Google Search Console, Rankshaper will show you the number of times a keyword appears in your content and where they are located.

About the author

Rankshaper is a real-time, on page SEO ranking tool and keyword discovery tool. It helps you identify new ranking opportunities and gain access to new niche markets. Add the search terms your visitors are using to find you and discover new terms and new combinations, while tracking performance.