Drupal SEO tools

Drupal SEO tools

Drupal is great for SEO. Just not out of the box.  These are essential Drupal SEO tools:

High PageRank Drupal sites

Here’s a list of websites built with Drupal and with a high PageRank value. It’s far from complete and it will stay that way but I’ll add more websites over time. The current list is based on the PageRank values from October 18th, 2014.

Open data projects are featuring prominently in this list now but that’s mainly because I’ve heard of these. There are a lot of sites missing from this list

PR10 Drupal sites

Not necessary the world’s most loved website but definitely one of the most famous and visited government site in the world:

PR9 Drupal websites

  • data.gov – the open data project of the US government
  • drupal.org – the main Drupal website

PR8 Drupal sites


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