Google Webmaster SEO Tools that work

Google Webmaster SEO Tools that work

It’s one of the best tools out there: Google Webmaster Tools. But it’s a beast that is not easily understood. With our own Google Webmaster SEO Tools we give you direct insights into identifying what are the most important data. We provide you an automated way to directly know what’s next on your to do.

Google Webmaster holds the key to actionable SEO

When Google moved to secure search in October 2011, it was a blow to publishers.

Most keywords used to land on a page were not passed into Google Analytics and GA suddenly became quite useless for SEO. Google Webmaster has filled this gap but even among web professionals there is not much knowledge about how to properly use Google Webmaster Tools for SEO.

Rankshaper SEO tools

With the Search Analytics of Google Webmaster you can actually get a lot more data than what you can find with any frontend analytics tool. Anything on your own site can only sgoogle webmaster tools for seohow you the tip of the iceberg. After all it’s only the clicks that get to your site. You will not see the impressions without clicks. Over the past years we have found that on-page optimisation can have amazing effects on rankings and traffic.

With our SEO tool you pick a page, and then it shows you precisely which keywords are getting you clicks and impressions, but more importantly, it shows you how those keywords are integrated on your page. It’s a bit like the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress on steroids, which then works for any website.


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Rankshaper is a real-time, on page SEO ranking tool and keyword discovery tool. It helps you identify new ranking opportunities and gain access to new niche markets. Add the search terms your visitors are using to find you and discover new terms and new combinations, while tracking performance.