Rankshaper Webmaster Tool

Rankshaper Webmaster Tool

Rankshaper is a webmaster tool useful for tracking website performance. It receives data directly from Google. You can use Rankshaper for various SEO tasks, among them:

  • Discovering new keywords for your content
  • Tracking the performance of your website
  • Identifying new ranking opportunities
  • Improving your content by updating your content with visitors’ search queries

Rankshaper is a more advanced tool that provides you with up to date and more detailed information about your website. It presents data in an organized manner making it easy to optimize your pages.

Who Can Use Rankshaper Webmaster Tool

Rankshaper is useful to anyone who wants to track the performance of their website. You can use the tool whether your site is new or has been in existence for some time. However, it is best to use the tool when the site is new so that you can fast track your site as early as possible.

Also, those that want to optimize their pages to rank high on search engines will find Rankshaper very useful. When you optimize your content with the keywords that Rankshaper provides you with, you start ranking within a short time.

Rankshaper is also useful for website owners looking for new ranking opportunities. You will get to know the topics for which you rank for. When you provide additional content based on keywords provided, you should start ranking once your page is indexed.

How Rankshaper Webmaster Tool Works

When Rankshaper receives data from Google, it automatically updates the data on your account. When you log in to the Rankshaper tool, you will find new search queries visitors use to locate your site.

You can also track the performance of your website by checking the overall site rank. In addition, you can check which pages within your site are performing well based on their CTR and position.

Rankshaper will also help you to discover new topics that are not covered in your existing content. Since Rankshaper provides you with keywords and queries that visitors use to locate your pages, some may require you to write new content. As such, you will discover new opportunities for which you can rank.

You can use the keywords discovered within your content to improve ranking on search engines. To optimize your content, you need to use the keywords provided by Rankshaper in a natural way. This shouldn’t be confused for keyword stuffing.

Rankshaper, as a webmaster tool, provides you with the following data.

  • New keywords and queries
  • Ranking position for every page and overall site
  • CTR data
  • Number of impressions per page and general site
  • Number of clicks per page and general site

How Rankshaper is Different from other Webmaster Tools

Rankshaper is a unique webmaster tool and different from all other tools.

  1. First, Rankshaper provides data that is specific to a particular page within your website. For instance, it will provide you with the keywords and queries visitors use to locate a particular page. Each page will have a list of unique keywords, unlike most webmaster tools that do not assign keywords to particular pages that generate them.
  2. Rankshaper goes ahead to compare your existing content with newly discovered keywords. The tool will then provide data on how many times a keyword appears within your content, whether on the title, headers, meta description, body, or image captions.
  3. Whenever you optimize your content with new keywords, the data is updated immediately on the Rankshaper interface. You can then compare how many times you have used the keyword.

Rankshaper can help you track the performance of your website and pages. Unlike most webmaster tools, Rankshaper provides you with a ranking position for each page based on keywords. As such, anytime you optimize your pages, you can track whether their ranking position is improving.

About the author

Rankshaper is a real-time, on page SEO ranking tool and keyword discovery tool. It helps you identify new ranking opportunities and gain access to new niche markets. Add the search terms your visitors are using to find you and discover new terms and new combinations, while tracking performance.