Rankshaper Website Keyword Generator

Rankshaper Website Keyword Generator

Rankshaper is a keyword generating and ranking tool. It helps to generate new keywords and also find new ranking opportunities. Through the tool, you can identify new market opportunities that you need to focus on.

Having the best keyword generator tool is critical to rank high on search engines. Rankshaper will help you find keywords that you integrate them into your content. This way, you will improve your on-page SEO.

How Rankshaper Website Keyword Generator Works

Rankshaper receives data directly from Google. It provides you with queries that visitors are using to find your pages. It provides you with newly discovered keywords. The tool shows you which page ranks for a particular keyword.

Once you have been provided with the keywords, you need to integrate them within your content. Figure out how naturally you can add them to void keyword stuffing. It would be best to provide add more information on a particular page to make use of those keywords.

Rankshaper is unique in that it goes ahead to compare discovered keywords with your content. The tool will show you the number of times a keyword appears in your titles, headers, meta description, images and the body. It will also provide you with the missing keywords that you need to optimize within your content.

When you follow our guidelines, you will note a significant automatic increase in traffic on your site.

How to Discover New Market Opportunities for Additional Content

Apart from discovering new keywords, Rankshaper will help you to identify new topics for additional content. Sometimes Rankshaper will provide you with keywords that you cannot integrate into existing articles. Instead, you may need to write an additional article to provide specific information related to those particular keywords.

Sometimes, you may wonder when it is necessary to provide additional pages for your site. When you notice that you can rank higher for additional content, then that is an opportunity to use Rankshaper. When you find keywords that are not in the top 10 position, it implies that you can rank for those keywords with additional pages. As such, you can use Rankshaper to discover what topics you can rank higher for.

Other Ranking Factors to Consider

Other factors determine ranking on any website like content quality, internal linking and meta-descriptions. Google ultimately considers the quality of content you provide as a significant ranking factor. That is why Google considers user behavior when interacting with your content.

There are other external factors you also need to focus on, like backlinks pointing to your site. Google considers a website with quality backlinks to have valuable content and, in turn, pushes it higher on SERPs. Considering all ranking factors, you will be able to rank higher.

Other Benefits of Using Rankshaper

Apart from using Rankshaper to find newly discovered keywords, it provides you with CTR data and each query’s position based on its competition. The tool will also provide you with the position of every page on your site. Also, you can track the number of clicks and impassions on your site using Rankshaper.

When To Start Using Rankshaper

You can start using Rankshaper as soon as you launch your website. You can also use it when you realize that your website is not ranking or anytime you have a new page. Therefore, if you want to improve the ranking of your website, use Rankshaper.

About the author

Rankshaper is a real-time, on page SEO ranking tool and keyword discovery tool. It helps you identify new ranking opportunities and gain access to new niche markets. Add the search terms your visitors are using to find you and discover new terms and new combinations, while tracking performance.